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CLI Environment Variables

There are a number of environment variables that can be used to configure the Brisk CLI. These are useful for configuring the CLI in CI/CD pipelines as well as for local development.

Environment Variables

BRISK_PROJECTTOKENThe project token (overrides the contents of brisk.json)
BRISK_APITOKENThe API token to use for the project (overrides the contents of brisk.json)
BRISK_CONCURRENCYThe Concurrency to us for the run. This is limited by the max concurrency for the project. (overrides the contents of brisk.json)
BRISK_TELEMETRY_ENABLEDWhether to enable telemetry. Defaults to true.
BRISK_CIWhether to run in CI mode. Defaults to false.
BRISK_PROJECT_CONFIG_FILEThe path to the project config file. Defaults to ./brisk.json.
BRISK_CREDENTIALS_CONFIGThe path to the credentials config file. Defaults to $HOME/.config/brisk/config.toml.
BRISK_NO_TERMWhether to assume a terminal UI. Defaults to false.
BRISK_WATCHWhether to watch for changes. Defaults to true.
BRISK_PROJECT_IN_USE_TIMEOUTWhen a project is accessed simultaneously how long should we wait for a project to become available before trying again. Defaults to 30 seconds. It's recommended to use different projects for different team mates and environments.
BRISK_PRINT_KEYSWhether to print short lived keys to log in Debug mode. Defaults to true.
BRISK_NOREBUILDNever rebuild the project if we detect it needs to be rebuilt. Defaults to false.
BRISK_HASHFILEPATHThe path to the hash file. Defaults to .rebuild_hash.
BRISK_REBUILDWATCHPATHSA comma separated list of paths to watch for changes. (overrides the contents of brisk.json)
BRISK_APIENDPOINTThe API endpoint to use. Defaults to
BRISK_LOG_LEVELThe log level to use. Defaults to error, possible values are debug, info, warning, error, dpanic, panic, and fatal.
BRISK_LOG_FILEThe log file to use. Defaults to /tmp/brisk.log
BRISK_AFFINITY_ENV_VARAn environment variable that links similar test runs in this project. Usually this env var contains the current branch name e.g. BRISK_AFFINITY_ENV_VAR=CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME (in Gitlab)
BRISK_LIST_TESTS_COMMANDAn environment variable that overrides the list test command in the brisk.json file for the current project.
BRISK_TEST_COMMANDAn environment variable that overrides the test command in the brisk.json file for the current project.
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