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Running in CI

Running On Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a convenient place to run your CI/CD pipeline. You can combine the massive concurrency of Brisk with the convenience of Bitbucket.


Complete Example

The following is a complete example using Bitbucket pipelines.

    - step:
        name: Run API tests
          - apt-get update
          - apt-get install -y rsync
          - curl "" -o brisk
          - chmod +x brisk
          - pip install .
          - export BRISK_APITOKEN="${BRISK_APITOKEN}"
          - export BRISK_APIKEY="${BRISK_APIKEY}"
          - export BRISK_CI=true
          - ./brisk


  • BRISK_CI=true This formats the output correctly for a CI environment and disables the interactive and watch mode.



You can find these in your Brisk account settings or in your local credentials file which defaults to ~/.config/brisk/config.toml.

As shown in the example, you can also pass a configuration file to Brisk using the config_file parameter. This is useful if you want to use a different configuration file for your CI/CD pipeline.

You can also use any of the environment variables for the CLI which are listed in Environment Variables.

Running on Github Actions