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Frameworks - Jest


Jest is a popular testing framework for Javascript. It is used by many popular projects such as React and React Native.

Jest Configuration

Complete Example

This is a complete example that works for the react codebase

  "commands": [
      "commandline": "FORCE_COLOR=true yarn test  --json "
  "buildCommands": [
      "commandline": "nvm alias default 16.7 && nvm use default"
      "commandline": "yarn"
  "concurrency": 60,
  "excludedFromSync": ["log/", ".git/", "node_modules", ".rvm"],
  "excludedFromWatch": ["log/", ".git/", "node_modules"],
  "projectToken": "YOUR_PROJECT_TOKEN",
  "framework": "Jest",
  "listTestCommand": "yarn -s test --listTests --json",
  "environment": {
    "MY_ENV": "empty"
  "image": "node-lts",
  "rebuildFilePaths": ["package.json"]

Make sure to replace the projectToken with your own.

Running on AWS Codepipeline