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Minitest is a popular testing framework for Ruby projects which comes as the default testing framework with Rails.

Minitest Configuration

Complete Example

This is an example using the rails source code. It runs all of the activerecord unit tests.

  "listTestCommand": "./",
  "commands": [
      "commandline": "cd activerecord && bin/test "
  "preSyncCommands": [],
  "buildCommands": [
      "commandline": "bundle install"

  "excludedFromSync": ["log/", ".git/", "node_modules", ".rvm"],
  "excludedFromWatch": ["log/", ".git/", "node_modules"],

  "projectToken": "PROJECT_TOKEN",
  "framework": "Rails",
  "image": "rails"

For completeness, here is the file that is used in the example above. It is a simple script that lists all the tests in the activerecord directory.

cd activerecord && ls test/**/*_test.rb | jq -R -s -c 'split("\n")[:-1]'
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